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The application of two dimensional technology in retail industry

In the highly competitive retail industry, shopping experience means everything. Free, easy, value for money shopping experience, can make more repeat customers to patronize your shop.
At the same time, the Chinese retail enterprise informatization level is low, the logistics distribution cost is high; retail link resource using rate is low, resulting in the increased social costs of the retail more prominent.
Combined with automatic identification technology, can effectively improve the shopping experience, reduce the cost of the retail community.
Store order management
Mobile data terminal PDA scanner combined with barcode recognition technology, real-time, efficient, dynamic master store recent ordering, sales, scrap quantity, and inventory and number of transit, thus in order to the commodity information accurately grasp.
Sales Channels Management
Dealer inventory and the actual sales out of touch, sales data feedback delay, the production plan lack of reliable data support; distribution area is not clearly defined, regional distributors sales awareness is poor, resulting in falsifying, smashing price frequent phenomenon. Scanner combined with barcode recognition technology, to improve the management and monitoring of the dealers, in order to achieve enterprise strategy, marketing, management upgrade.
Information management of chain operation
Enterprises with bar code recognition technology, the establishment of chain business information management platform, chain stores of the order shipping and receiving goods shelves and adjustment, price verification, inventory and other business data, through mobile data terminal PDA scanner for real-time management, quickly and easily realize business information automation deployment and field maintenance work, effectively improve the work efficiency, reduce the number of working personnel of the store, to enhance customer satisfaction.
Sweep code mobile payment application
Micro channel and Alipay scan code to pay, is a new generation of wireless barcode recognition technology based on the means of payment. The line customer personal information, bank account transaction information to compile into a two-dimensional code, businesses through the mobile payment POS terminal scanners scan code, complete with customer checkout settlement. According to the business payment transaction information in the customer receipt, contact information, commodity distribution, to complete the transaction.