Company Profile

Fuzhou two-dimensional information technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "two-dimensional technology") is located in the west side of the Straits Economic Zone national software industry base of Fuzhou Software Park, is an in network link of the two-dimensional code as the core, uphold the spirit of innovation and focus on the two-dimensional code technology and product development, sales of high-tech enterprises. The company owns 2 registered trademarks 2D and ERVVEI, and a number of software copyright and utility model patent.
Internet of things is a 21st century after the personal computer, Internet and mobile communication network the three global information tide, from the industry point of view, can be divided into three aspects, that is, perception layer, transport layer and application layer, two-dimensional technology related technologies and products mainly belong to layer perception. Company in network sensing has 12 years of accumulated rich experience, has a group of excellent sales team and R & D team, is committed to for the user to provide high added value and continuous innovation of science and technology, competitive high-quality products.
Two existing technology products including two-dimensional scanning module, two-dimensional scanners, mobile data terminal and intelligent networking terminal four kinds of hardware products and related software products and electronic products manufacturers, warehousing logistics enterprises, fast moving consumer goods industry, medical and health field, enterprise o2o application provides products and the application examples.
In the national "Twelfth Five Year Plan", vigorously develop the Economic Zone on the west side of the Straits has risen as a national strategy, national networking field development planning have been promulgated and implemented, two-dimensional technology ushered in the history of development opportunities, two-dimensional technology to fulfill our mission, conscientious, with high quality products and perfect service to contribute to the community.